Clarin Magazine - August 2006

Luisana Lopilato's interview for Clarin Magazine:

"I am very happy, so happy with work. Organizing myself is a bit complicated, but I'm not complaining, because I feel touched by the magic wand. I enjoy working, studying singing, theater with Julio Chavez, saxophone, English and training to maintain a good shape of my body."

 - How will you get by?

I'll have to stop doing some things for a while, but not my sax lessons, because it's something I always liked. It is very difficult, but I love it, I take issues, and when I get tired of working, I relax. I love playing seriously later. And why not, if given the opportunity, to play in public.

- How was working with Mariano Martinez? (her boyfriend)

-Spectacular. I learned a lot from him because I think he's a very good actor. It's a great companion. I really enjoyed it.

 - Do you end up talking all day at work?

-No, not at all, We do not mix this. Out of the records we keep making plans of what we like, like going out to eat or watch a movie at the cinema. We are both very quiet, we love to get together to talk about everything. With Mariano we have a great time together.

 And in "Casados con Hijos" series (the Argentinian version of  "Married with children") you share the screen with your brother, Dario...

-Yes. My brother is my brother, and therefore, there are times when we fight, to be honest, or that we were angry at home. But on set everything is passed. The truth is that we are very close. He's six years older than me, but we talk a lot, we are friends.

- Is it true that he takes care of you and accompanies you to parties?

- (laughs) He does. I remember the first time I went to a bowling alley, he convinced my mom to let me go just because he offered to accompany me. At one point, he said he was going to take something and just started the slow dance. Then, he stayed with me, so I could not slow dance with anybody (laughs mischievously). Today, however, we go to parties together and we have friends in common. I also hang out a lot with my sister and her friends (a nutritionist and personal trainer). Of the three, she is the most histrionic, it comes from the soul. She doesn't have much patience.

- How much patience you have to have?

-Much. And you have to excite me a lot. Truth is, the days are very long recording and sometimes I get tired, but I come here and it changes my life.

 - Are others histrionics in the family?

'My dad loves the theater and was for a little time an actor. He has a mini company with freshening devices, but also wants to put a production company with my brother. And we support him.

- Why?

-When I was 5 years old, a producer on the street offered my mom if she wanted me to act. She said no, but later secretly dad took me to a casting for commercials. And stayed. For many years I made thousands of graphs and shows for kids clothing houses. Then one day Dad took me to the casting of "Dibu" (I was 8) and so ripped. But then, mom immediately supported me a lot. I always liked to dress up, dance, sing and act.

 -Being so young, what did you do with what you earned?

-I bought clothes. And always helped a bit at home, if they needed something. But now, well, I invest my incomes.

- On what?

-I want to buy houses, I am in that plan. My mom and dad advise me for my future. Although I'd love to die onstage, this may not last a lifetime. This is the time to think ahead. I would also like to have a family.

 -In fact, you are already committed to Mariano.

-Yes. There is something between us, but a commitment we wanted a symbol of love, as we reaffirm something together.

 - Do you plan marriage in near future?

-I want to marry and be a young mother. I love the family. And he loves babies. All women think about getting married in white, and have a party. But I do not know exactly when it will happen. Now, right now, I cannot marry, but I would love to marry young, I cannot wait too long.

- What happens when you see him kissing someone else on TV? Do you get jealous?

-I do not care. I don't watch TV so I don't watch him. This is a job and I do the same.

 - Aren't you annoyed by the fans on the street?

'I do not mind, zero. Everybody asks me that, and I say it's uncomfortable.But I have my way, stop! (laughs). It is true that women are more jealous, but in my door too, there are neighbors and people waiting.'

Change of subject. Lu wants to show who has the power so changes to another big personal project. "I'm trying to build a home for children. I love kids and want to help.I go to 
Hogar Jesús María, de Saladillo to help as I can."

- How did you come with this project?

-One day I went to a barbecue with friends in Morón and was asked if I wanted to go say hi to some kids. I did, and became a fond godmother of one of them. Now I have more responsibilities. Of course I'm going to ask for help I cannot handle it alone.

-Why did you think to have a child of your own?

'Because I have everything and I feel like I have to give a hand. I am happy, I have a family, people I love, a job I love. It is what we were taught at home since we were little. Sometimes mom brings people from the street to eat and we give them clothes. I like to help, I do it well.

-When you started, you had almost the same size as now. How do you get along with your body?

-At first I hid a lot, I wore girdles to not notice my bust. At 12 years old I developed and I was embarrassed because my friends had nothing. And, when we went to the beach, it was the most complicated. I suffered because I was very young. But having an older sister showed me it was normal. Until today I walk a little hunched way because if I walk very straight (chest out) on the street will say this chick wants to provoke. There's nothing to do.

 -Now you should be more grateful for that.

- (laughs) Yeah Everybody tells me: "I can not believe that you have this bust." And it's normal for me now, because at home we are all the same. My sister, my mother and even my grandmother, have plenty. It's in the family. At one point they said I had operated. I did nothing!

- And at school? (went to Saint Jean) Did boys go crazy?

'I, in my life, I don't provoke. I hardly ever use makeup and I wear jeans. And I didn't know much at school, I never left the playground, I was in class and I took it all very natural, because I was in this job since childhood. My environment does not make me feel special. Yes it is true that on the street they stop me all the time to say hello or ask me for autographs. But I do not mindEven when I go shopping I take pictures, sign, and when I have to go, I'm greeting. Nothing happens.

 -You talk about your work, family, homes for street children, investments... At age 19, do you have time for friends?

-I see them very often, but when we go to the movies, a match or to dance alone we have more fun. Today, for example, I went out with a couple but our ages do not match. And besides, it's more fun alone to catch up.

Luisana about Erreway and her plan:

"Now I would like to do theater or cinema. I love
comedy and I am very grateful to the opportunities they gave me. At one point, when Suar called me, I could not believe it. It all happened so fast. Trips with the band (Erreway) lasted a very long time. To this day I can feel a little of what we lived. I was 13 years old and mom accompanied me to the tours, because sometimes they would last up to a month. Sometimes I tell Mariano about it and I show him the videos, because I cannot believe it myself. Now there is a possibility of going to Spain for "Erreway", but I estimate that I will not be in the game. I cannot do everything "says Luisana.

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