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Luisana Loreley Lopilato De La Torre was born in Buenos Aires, in the Parque Chas neighborhood, on May 18th 1987, to Eduardo (a businessman) and Beatriz Lopilato. She has two siblings,a brother, Dario, and a sister, Daniela.

 (In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato's baby pictures, Luisana Lopilato with her grandfather, siblings and cousins, Luisana Lopilato at her first birthday party with her parents , older brother Dario and relatives, and family photos at the beach)

  (In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato with her mother Beatriz, pictures of Luisana as a kid and Luisana with a cousin of hers)

  The youngest of three children, Luisana’s career began as a happy accident. One day, while walking with her mother, they were approached by a casting director who asked if 6-year-old Luisana would audition for a commercial.
Her mother was less than excited about the offer and declined. The casting director however, was not about to let it go. He phoned the house. This time her father answered and he was considerably more enthusiastic, taking Luisana to the audition. 
She got the job, and so began her amazing career.

(In the pictures and video above: one of Luisana's first TV commercials which helped her to start her career, along with Bruno Gomez)


(In the video above: one of Luisana's first TV commercials)

 (In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato working as a child model for Motor Oil at the age of 7 in 1996)
Recently Luisana shared that this was her first time modeling : "My first campaign! That day my mother called and said "Luisana is already in all the shops". I remember that we got the car and approached the nearest shopping mall and we were excited. It was the first time I looked so big, I took 100 photos in that shop. People kept walking and I was saying ... "hey hey hey this is me!" hahaha. I always dreamed of this. I always liked it. I loved my job from girl!"

It wasn't long before the young Luisana - a rare combination of super model beauty and girl next-door personality - would catch the attention of movie and television producers. However, unlike many child actresses, there would be no special on-the-set classes. She was to be schooled like every other child in the neighborhood. It would seem rather than limiting her options – the balance served to increase them.

(In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato at ages 5 to 7)

 Lopilato made her debut in television series 10% vida and Mi familia es un dibujo in 1995 when she was only 7 years old.

(In the video and pictures above: Luisana acting for Tv series "Mi familia es un dibujo")

(In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato, only 7 years old, on the set of "Mi familia es un dibujo")

(In the picture above: Luisana kept doing advertisements at that time. Here she's getting dresses as a chicken for an advertisement for a bank, at the age of 8)

(In the picture above: Luisana Lopilato acting for the first time in 1995)

 click here to watch the entrance video of the series  Mi familia es un dibujo  ""

 Her first significant role came in 2001 when she played Guivivere in the Argentine drama, Un amor en Moises Ville (Love in Moises Ville). With her passion for the business having firmly taken hold, this was a role Luisana desperately wanted. 
She was chosen for the role of Hannah niña. 

Un Amor en Moisés Ville (English: A Love in Moisés Ville) is a 2001 Argentine drama film directed by Daniel Barone and written by Antonio Ottone. The film starred Victor Laplace.
The film premiered in Argentina on April 12, 2001.
(In the picture above: Luisana's first significant role was in the film "Un Amor En Moises Ville")

Unfortunately, the part required her to complete the dialogue in both Spanish and English. Having completed the movie in Spanish, she then had to admit she did not speak English. To her credit, the movie house was so impressed with her performance; they took the news in stride, hiring an English coach to help her reprise the role in that language. 

(In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato continued working as a child model for magazines, and pictures of Luisana  before she hits success)

That same year well known Argentinean producer Cris Morena cast the now 12 year old Luisana in the role of Luisana Maza in the TV show Chiquititas (Tiny Angels). The popularity of the show (similar to today’s GLEE) would prove to be the turning point in her career with further screen roles and a music career as an unexpected bonus. 

 (In the pictures above: Luisana Lopilato with her brother Dario in 2002, Luisana with her grandfather, Benito, Luisana with her grandparents, Rosa and Benito, siblings, Daniela and Dario and two cousins of hers, and finally the whole Lopilato family)

The music element of the program gave Luisana the opportunity to be on the CD that accompanied the show every year. Following the program's mini-series, Morena then cast her as Mia Colucci, the only child of famous fashion designers, in the soap opera Rebelde Way (Rebel's Way). 

The series, set in the Elite Way School, a private and prestigious boarding school, revolved around a group of students who had formed a band. This in turn led the main actors who played the members of the band to actually form a group called Erreway. In addition to performing most of the show's music, the group, of which Luisana was a member, recorded 3 CD's, selling over 5 million copies!

It wasn’t long before the show began to broadcast outside of Argentina - Israel, Peru, Germany, Austria and Spain to mention a few. Suddenly, Luisana's fame extended beyond the borders of her home country fueled even further when the series film version "Rebelde Way, Cuatro caminos was released in 2004. With the fashion focus of the TV series and the popularity of the music, the world of fashion became a natural segue for Luisana who was now featured in photo spreads in high profile magazines and sought out for product endorsements. 

In 2005, she would make her first move in television without her artistic mentor Cris Morena. 

The young actress was cast as the Kelly Bundy character, in the Argentine remake of Married with Children (Casados con Hijos). Her brother Dario, also an actor of note in Argentina was also a part of the cast. The show, like its American counterpart, was a huge success resulting in a nomination for a Martin Fierro Award (OSCAR equivalent) for Best Supporting Actress.

A year later Luisana would once again work with Cris Morena in the teenage series, Alma Pirata (2006) - a story of friendship, perseverance, adventure, justice, freedom, loyalty and love. That year the show won the Martin Fierro Award for Best Youth Comedy. 

Under the guidance of Argentinean actress Alicia Zanca, Luisana made her stage debut in 2007 in Arlequin, Servidor de Patrones, a role that brought her an ACE Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress (TONY equivalent), which led to the lead role in the musical Princesa Cenicienta (Cinderella). 

Lopilato dated fellow Argentine, Juan Monaco, a professional tennis player, between 2008-2009.

In 2008 Luisana returned to television and accepted the role of Nina in the popular prime time show Atraccion X4. 

She stayed with the series for two years, once again combining her skills as an actor and singer.

In the winter of 2009 she accepted the role of Julieta, starring opposite Nicolas Cabre, in the movie production of the Argentinean bestseller Papa por un dia (Dad for a Day).

In 2010, Luisana finished her main role in the serie of channel 13 “Alguien que me quiera”, with Andrea del Boca and Osvaldo Laport. She played Bianca Rivera, a sweet and sensitive young woman who struggled and suffered much for love. In November 2010, magazine FHM in Spain ranked Lopilato 17th in its annual list Las 100 mujeres más sexys del mundo Improving from 86th place last year. In late 2010, Lopilato announced that she planned to marry Canadian singer Michael Bublé in April 2011. Concluding that year, Luisana was engaged to Michael Bublé Having completed the recordings of Alguien Que Me Quiera, Lopilato accompanied Bublé on his Crazy in Love tour.

In 2011, Lopilato made her debut on the international market with her first film outside of Argentina, in the Spanish thriller film Predeterminados, directed by Jordi Arencón, in which she plays Vera. It was a very dramatic role and a new challenge in her career in film, far more demanding than her previous roles as an actress. Lopilato also plans to soon begin a new play called Canillita with Alicia Zanca again. In June 2011, magazine FHM in Spain ranked Lopilato 11th "Las 100 mujeres más sexys del mundo" up 6 places compared to 2010.

In March of 2011, Luisana and Michael Bublé were married. 

Lopilato joined the cast of El Trece series Lobo. There she played a villain for the first time in her career, opposite of the character of Ana Linares (Vanesa González). Both are faced by the love of Lucas Pujol Diaz (Gonzalo Heredia)
In 2012 she portrayed Silvia, one of the lead roles in the Italian miniseries Una buona stagione (A good season) transmitted by RAI. It premiered during 2014.
In 2013 she played a young cancer victim in the second season of the Argentine remake of In TreatmentEn Terapia, starring Diego Peretti and broadcast by TV Publica. She was nominated for Martin Fierro Awards and Tato as Supporting Actress in drama.
In late January 2013, the couple Lopilato-Bublé announced they are expecting their first child, and in March, it was confirmed that they would be having a son. They welcomed a baby boy, Noah Bublé, on August 27, 2013 in Vancouver.
In 2014 Luisana starred in Las Insoladas, a film directed by Gustavo Taretto (known for his previous film Medianeras). After the premiere in september, Lopilato announced her next project in film: Los que aman, odian, based on the book by Adolfo Bioy Casares and Silvina Ocampo, under the direction of Alejandro Maci.
Lopilato has been the face of the brand underwear Promesse, from summer 2006 to winter 2010. She was also an image of the prestigious clothes 47 Street whose project made in 2009 for professional reasons. In 2014 she finished her work as the face of Ultimo. She has also done several commercials in her country, Argentina and Israel.
Throughout her modelling career she has worked for brands such as 47 Street, Sugus Combinados, John Foos, Promesse, Bubbaloo, Pent Ten, Coca Cola, Rebelde Way underwears, Ahora o Nunca, Kukuloco, Axe, Motor Oil Underwears for Juniors, Muy Keff, McDonald's, Gottex and Gillette.
Today, she is the face of lingerie brand Marcela Koury, Susana, UltimoL'Oreal Elvive, BlackBerry, Ona Saez Jeans and Nazaria Zapatos products.

From her success in making use of her talent and beauty, Luisana has become one of the most demanded actresses of her generation, with a solid career in movies, television, fashion and music.

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