Gente Magazine - August 8, 2006

"Me a Diva? I take the dog for a walk in slippers!" (08/08/06)
Without doubt, the golden girl of TV today.This girl from the five year old knows what it is facing a camera.
 I am preparing to be a complete actress ", defines Luisana Lopilato (19), while savoring a slice of black bread with honey, always under the watchful eye of Eduardo, her father, who with one eye is watching the game between Lanús and River and the other what is happening in the interview that his beautiful daughter is the protagonist.
The talk starts and Lu says, " I'm dead. Monday through Friday I go to six o'clock and go to ten at night. I'm just very happy to do both programs. I bring joy. Moreover, we all get along really well and we enjoyed working."
- How do you live this moment the girl who many already defined as a " gold "for beauty and success?"I did not realize everything I do. What I always try is not to think about it too much and enjoy it all.
-Do you have time to enjoy this present?
"Yes, yes, of course. I enjoy and also do other things. I like playing the saxophone, study English, dance, coach. I want to do a musical. Of course now I feel very comfortable with the humor.
- Are you aware that your future depends only on how much energy you put to succeed?
"Yes, but luckily the people around me makes me feel so much responsibility. I do not live what I feel like a pressure. In my house they say: " Beware that there is the prettiest . "
 "But can not deny that for the work you do the beauty ... and quite short. 
"Luckily still not sorry. I make a rather quiet life. I dress simply, in jeans and a shirt. Today is Sunday and my dad took me to make the production of pictures. Still manage to live like a long time ago. Not saying it's old fashioned, but almost. I like to accompany me, I do not want to be alone. So I take advantage and I always ask someone to come with me.
- And how to shine on the TV stations, but continue to live in Chas Park, home of your parents, vacationing in Las Toninas not in Punta del Este, as required by fashion?
"I live as a girl in the neighborhood. I walk into the house of my friends or they come to mine. Or I take the dog for a walk in slippers, as I always did. When I go to get the car into the parking lot neighbors look at me, because I go out with jogging and tails. Or sometimes I grab my bike and go to the gym or a walk.
- How do you treat the men in the street? Is it true that often go back with the praise of your curves?
"Never go down the street . And I know I call more attention because I am known. If not, maybe nobody would look at me, or would be less flattering. Most of the men are respectful.

- How much your work affects Mariano Martinez, your boyfriend, also part of the environment? 
"I like to accompany me, as my parents are always by my side. Today my mom would come and my niece, but did not. I even sometimes take my friends to the channel to keep me company, because otherwise I do not see them. 
- Would you be interested if they propose vedette?
"Not what I thought.I do not deny it, but I'm not interested in being a bomb or anything like that, only to be an actress. 
- Do you encourage a nude?
-No. It was offered, but I don't even like to see it in another person. Or even care. It seems very dirty.
- Is it true that you feel deep desire for marriage and a young motherhood?
"The thought I have it from very young. I will not marry at 30, because my dream is to be a young mother.
- Do you already have a wedding date?-No. I only say that I'd love to have a large family with many children.
- Do you go to live with him (Mariano Martinez) without getting married?
"Look, for now I'm well on my home. Step by step, I say.
-Would you go to live with Mariano without marriage, because you come from a very religious family ...
"All women dream of getting married in white, and a church. With very few exceptions ... But I'm no exception.
- How is Mariano as a couple?
"I will not give you details ... 
- Do you talk to him about all topics, including sex?
"That's too personal. Do you respect my silence?
"Of course. Who is more jealous? Do you or him?
"None. We have normal jealousy.
- Did you think that if success continues and beauty one day you can be considered a diva?
"I do not think about it. I would love it if it comes, is early. I have time. Oh, and I want to enjoy it too.
- We are still wondering if you operated the boobs?
- Oh, yes!please! For my grandmother, my mom and I are so robust family. Nature provided us. I never had the operation.
- Is it true you plan to open a home for street children? "Yes, I am looking for land to begin construction. We are looking for people to help us. My family loves to collaborate. Many times we gave them clothes or food to give them some kids who walk home. The same we do with animals: the rescue of the street and heal.
I recognized that you do not like much to get into your personal life.
"I know what I do not like you to ask me. I admit that makes me uncomfortable to talk about my private life. But I know you have to compromise. To you I told you enough, do not complain.

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