Chiquititas - 2001

Chiquititas (known in English as Tiny Angels) was a successful children's telenovela from Argentina. Created and produced by Cris Morena, it aired on Telefé from 1995 until 2001.
STORY: 2001
Luz, Refael and Juanita decided to go search after Refael lost son. the orphanage left without replacement, and when the council discover it, they send a new manager to fix the mess. Lidia, a vicious and cruel woman, gets her chance to take over the orphanage, sell it and get rid of the children by sending them to The Shadow orphanage. Her plans are destroyed by Mili, a girl that previously lived in "Rincon de luz" (with Belen), and who comes back after her mum died to try to help the children until Luz and Refael are back.


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