Gente Magazine - March 6, 2007

 Luisana Lopilato to Gente magazine: "I want to believe in love"  (06/03/07 )

Here is the new Luisana ...

- Ready to get on the catwalk?- Not crazy! I'm not going to parade wave model. I'll just do some very specific campaigns, such as 47 Street. I have my book Armed and I enjoy the idea, but first and foremost I am an actress. Modeling and the poses are part of the game.

- How did you find the changes you made recently?"Life ... Last year I had some ugly moments. Rumors I was pregnant, anorexic and a bunch of barbarians. People on the street stopped me to ask me to eat. I even got chocolates from my fan club of Peru! I had lost weight, yes, due to stress, but only a couple of kilos. I was not sick. The issue was that I ended up in a psychologist to see why I dealed with all that, this consultation did me much good.

- Was it during the separation from Mariano Martinez?"Yes, it was at that time. But I was not as bad as people thought or said. That time I took advantage to make things a woman does when is not married.

"But that Luisana was not the happy that everybody knows ..."Any person is sad after ending a relationship. With Mariano shared two years but ended in August when I had time to make my thinking: I continued working in Alma Pirata and Casados con hijos. But the only thing I can say is that our story was very important: I grew up, matured and learned a lot. I could tell him that I had my first adult relationship. But now I'm fine ...

- Juan Monaco gave you back the joy?"No, I do not want to talk about it. I always said I could not be alone. I love couple life. Today I can tell you that I feel good, I'm full and I want to believe in love.

"I imagine that at the time you announce you are single million proposals should fall off ..."I know that men of all ages want to date with me, but I am a 19 year old girl who dreams of love and refuses to go too fast. Still, it is clear: I would never go out with a 40. I prefer my age ...

"And they are not actors, I see. - (Laughs) No, I prefer to meet people outside of television.Allthough I went out with people of TV (Felipe Colombo and Mariano Martinez). And the actors, I admit, are difficult ...

- Can you tell me something about the person who makes your heart beat again?- Do you know that? I'll only say I am very well ...

- And how is Juan Monaco?"A very nice person, very simple. We are aware. We started out very recently and, I repeat, I will not go too fast. I think we have many things in common.

- Now you love tennis?- Noooo! I do not know how to grab a racket! Indeed, when I met him I didn't know he was a tennis player.

 -Now you earn your own money...
Yes, but I'm thinking more of others. Now I buy clothes I like, I have my car and I recently bought an apartment. That does not mean that I don't continue to work at home and helping to a foundation. I'm generous, I like to be. That will never change.

- Are you living alone?
"Not yet: the next step. For now it is the place to look for when I want to be alone or meet my friends.

"And make occasional private dinner, I guess ...Not at all. Until today I used it for that.

"Last year you were engaged, you said that you dreamed of marrying young and becoming a mother. Now do you think the same?"I'm not a girl, I have many things cleared: I know I was born to be in a nice family and I will die as an actress. The wedding and the children I have no idea when they will come.

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