June 26, 2015

Michael Bublé visits his 1-year-old son Noah in Argentina who suffered burns from boiling water after a household accident.
The boy was hospitalized on Friday (26) after suffering burns from boiling water at 6% of his body.
Noah was seen playing with his mother, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato in the hospital premises.
According to the Argentine magazine Pronto, the boy, who turns 2 years old in August, was taken to the hospital by his mother, and it is believed that the accident happened in the family home when the little one shed a boiling cup of water on his body. The water would be used to make a tea. Noah suffered burns on his arm and chest rights. He went through four surgeries with full anesthesia and, despite being out of danger, he is still in the hospital to prevent infection.
In social networks, Luisana thanked the concern of fans, "My son is well. God willing he will soon go home.".
The singer, who was working in the United States at the time, spoke to E! and said it was difficult to see Noah get through it. But at the same time always reminded how lucky he and his wife are. "It could be worse," he said.

Luisana Lopilato was spotted holding her son Noah on her shoulder at the cafeteria of the hospital. All the members of the Lopilato family were there with her at those difficult times. Luisana's sister Daniela posted a photo of herself with her nephew to say how much she loves him.

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