Luisana at telenovela 2010 "Alguen que me quiera" as Bianca.

"Alguen que me quiera" means "someone who loves me" and is a 2010 telenovela.
This is the case of Rodolfo (Osvaldo Laport), who was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, after freedom, decided to venture into the craft of selling coffee.
Similarly happens to Rocío (Andrea Del Boca), escaping abuse from her husband and takes refuge in the house of her cousin Pina (Julia Calvo), in order to stop suffering.
It is also the case of Armando (Miguel Angel Rodriguez), a bachelor brother-born and Osvaldo, looking for an opportunity sentimental Paloma (Susu Pecoraro), the manager of the delicatessen, a woman who was widowed two years ago and although she tries has not yet been able to grieve.
From these characters, and common physical space, will be built the main argument of this fiction: people looking to be loved, if only by someone.

Luisana Lopilato potraits Bianca Rivera,  The eldest daughter of Rodolfo (Laport). When he went to jail she went to live with her sister to the house of her uncle Armando (Rodriguez) and works with him in his shop-grocery store. Bianca has a hard time the issue of femininity, coquetry, and the whole side of typical female vanities. Constantly fighting with her sister Lola (Calu Rivero), because they are very different. Bianca is in love (without being aware of all) Teo (Ludovico di Santo).

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