Gente Magazine - March 31, 2009

Luisana looks fresh in the filming of "Papa por un dia" ("Daddy for a day"),a Carlos Mentasti film and produced by Pablo Bossi Telefe and Pampa Films and directed by Raúl Rodríguez Peil . 'I'm happy. I wanted to make movies and luckily I got the chance. I see it so seriously that I'm coaching hockey since November." she says.
- Is there chemistry with Nico Cabre?
"We had never worked together, only knew him from television. And we shot some scenes.. Luckily, there were very funny situations, and we are taking the juice to the scenes.
"Being pretty helps you to get a job, no doubt ...
"Maybe, but not enough. Studied theater several years, I went to many auditions and I do not always get chosen.

Luisana's love life has an interesting past: in times of Rebelde Way her heart was pending Felipe Colombo, in Alma Pirata was able to share work and free time with Mariano Martinez, and, for two years and four months, her sweetheart is the tennis player Juan Del Potro Monaco (24). Although the clouds are coming ...
- Is it true that you are no longer together because of the distance?
"I will not say anything about my private life. I feel so exposed I prefer not to clear things,they always post things they want and not things I say.
"I just ask a question, Luisana:do you continue together or not?
"I get upset. Of those subjects I do not want to talk.
There is no alternative: we must return to the movie Papa por un dia where there are no good or bad questions.
- What is the biggest difference you find between the TV and a film?
- That in the film I am huge! Every little movement is noted. So I am learning to control gestures.
"And you're finishing recording Attraction x 4 (the strip that produce Ideas del Sur for Channel 13), which failed to success than expected. Has it left you a bitter taste?
"It was difficult, because the story changed, it took another color ... But beyond the rating, it is nice to have worked with a group as good. And I speak not only of actors but also directors, cameramen, makeup artists, hairdressers ... The sound wave also reaches the screen.
-At Papa por un dia you profile a teenager?
-Yes! Too bad! But since I have time to do an adult, for now I do not mind playing characters of my age. I am innocent for many things, but long ago I stopped being the girl ...


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