Papá por un Día

Dad for a Day (Spanish: Papá por un día) is a 2009 Argentine film starring Nicolás Cabré, Luisana Lopilato and Gimena Accardi. It was premiered on 6 August 2009,and was also screened at the Mar del Plata Film Festival on 14 November 2009, not as the part of the competition. 
Federico, the coach of Argentine most important hockey team The Mary Mastersons, is engaged to Cecilia, an upper class woman and the captain of the team. He is about to take two important steps in his life — planning a great wedding and becoming the new coach of Las Leonas, the national team.
Far away from Buenos Aires, in a little sea town, lives Federico's father, a great hockey player and a coach as well. They have not seen each other for ten years. Before dying, he tells Federico that he has an eight–year–old sister he has not met, and asks him to take care of her. Federico's life changes drastically with this new responsibility. He is also cautivated by the beauty and simplicity of Julieta, the captain of the hockey team his father used to coach and falls in love. Both Tini, the little sister, and Julieta, whish to be accepted as a part of Federico's life despite Cecilia's wish to carry on with the marriage.
Julieta and Cecilia comfront each other in the final hockey match, not only as captains of the teams but also in a dispute for Federico's love. Federico has to make a decision between his marriage with Cecilia and Julieta's next tournament's destiny, Australia.

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