July 31, 2013 - What do I eat, Dani?


What do I eat, Dani?


I’m lucky that my sister is a nutritionist and she designed a plan specifically for me. She says it’s very important for me to organize the way I eat, and most of all, to make sure I eat the necessary nutrients during the pregnancy. Also to respect the foods that are good for my body in this stage:
Dairies raw and cooked greens, fruits and meats, I have to eat every day.
Meats I have to alternate between fish, red meat and chicken.
Eggs, three or four times a week
Cereal, pasta, fresh legumes (organic even better), eat some every day. The same with bread, I can have two small pieces a day.
And since Dani is so awesome, she also gave me some special tips for pregnant women:
Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to eat twice as much! You don’t have to eat a lot more, but eat better.
During the first trimester there is no need to increase calories. Starting on the second trimester, caloric need increase by 300 calories a day based on a 200 calorie a day diet.
Eating foods rich in nutrients and vitamins like folic acid, but not in fats.
The ideal weight gain during pregnancy is from 9 to 12 kilograms, which guarantees the proper development of the baby as well as the mother’s health, since overweight during pregnancy can cause problems during pregnancy and birth.
In order for the baby to grow properly, you need to have enough calcium, for bone development, iron for blood cells, folic acid to prevent malformations, and iodine and omega 3 for the nervous system.
Drinking water is essential during pregnancy since it facilitates digestion, toxin eliminations, and it helps with constipation and fluid retention. Avoid using too much salt.
Alcohol during pregnancy is prohibited, since it can affect the baby’s development.
Fish: it’s a major source of omega 3 and omega 6, essential nutrients during pregnancy, but also high in mercury. Therefore it’s recommended to limit red tuna and eat more white tuna, salmon, hake and sole. Eating raw fish like sushi and sashimi is not recommended (bye sushi for a few months).
Eat cereals, legumes and carbs daily for their fiber and energy.
Reduce consumption of sweets, sodas, candy, bakery goods and trans fats. (This is really hard Dani!!!)
Use lemon instead of vinegar for salads. Vitamin C helps absorb iron from food.
 At first you’ll feel nauseous, but it will go away and you’ll feel energized, you walk more and even do physical activity with medical approval. I never stopped going to the gym. It makes me feel good and I think if I feel good, it’s good for the baby.
Since I’m following Dani’s diet and I go to the gym, I can have some tasty treats.

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