July 13, 2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The long distance enhances feelings," the sultry actress Luisana Lopilato (22) confessed to Gente (People) magazine two years ago, not knowing what fate had on her way.
While, 10,000 kilometers away, the artist (Michael Buble ,33) does not seem to mind and fulfilled the promise he had made to his girlfriend visit to meet her family.On Friday ,August 10 , he arrived in the country and stayed in a hotel.
As a tourist ,the new star of  jazz fully enjoyed his stay in the country and was very in love with his girlfriend. On Sunday at noon, the couple enjoyed a lunch in Puerto Madero, and at 16:45, with a casual look, arrived at 2 Broadway Theatre, where they enjoyed (or at least tried to) the play  “¡Socorro!, malcriados" starring brother of Luisana,Dario Lopilato , along with Ana Dario Acosta and Agustina Attias.
But this was not a typical romantic outing for the couple :the entire family of Lopilato was there  and we realize that the relationship was approved by the family and Michael was accepted as one of the members. In the center of the fifth row, were Luisana's dad, Eduardo, her mom, Betty, and sister, Daniela with her young daughter, Daira. Lovers shared kisses but some time later were bothered by the flashes of the paparazzi inside the theater.They two left before the end of the show tried to avoid the reporters ,who made it such a big theme in Argentina as a scandal.

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