Luisana Lopilato celebrated reaching a million twitter friends - September 20, 2011


Actress Luisana Lopilato hosted a party at the Alto Palermo shopping to acknowledge the support of her fans on Twitter.There were autographs and photos in exchange for food.
Actress Luisana Lopilato used her visit to Argentina to meet various outstanding issues on her agenda. After passing through the living room of Susana Gimenez , the beautiful blonde decided to honor her more than a million friends on Twitter with a meeting on Tuesday, in the shopping Alto Palermo .
"It's a way to thank the fans. I was not doing TV or anything for a year and the love that I feel gives me goosebumps. I have the support of the people and it makes me very happy," said Lopilato, 24 years.
When asked what her secret was to get this much love from the public, Luisana said: "I am clear, I'm normal, I go everywhere together with my family and try to give a good message to the people." However , "I made ​​the call but did not think many people would come, " she said.
Smiling, friendly and very happy, formerly of Casados con hijos (Married with Children) said that among her future projects is a campaign to be held in Vancouver for a clothing brand of London , next year a movie and a job offer with Pol- Ka.

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